This is Childhood: Four

This is 4.

“I love you Mommy” sing song whispers.

Writing “I LVOE YOU” turned into “I LOVE YOU…”

Getting out of the car from school, reaching for her helmet instantly to go biking, and then trying to bike in 100 circles while counting aloud to 100.

Picking her up from school in the first few days, asking how it was, and answering “School is Vewy Vewy Wong.”

Asking where she’s going every day of the week and being told “School.”

“Why is school everrrry day?”

Upside down dinosaur masks paired with red hairbows

Wanting the same hairstyle each day of 2 ponytails for months.

One day waking up and suddenly wanting 2 braids until further notice.

“Can I wear a fancy dress?”

Wearing her fancy dress almost all the days of the week, especially when biking around the neighborhood. Getting off her tricycle and pushing her imaginary baby Rose.

Many many tricycle rides of all seasons of all hours of the day

Covering her face with her fingers if she’s forgotten her mask.

Wearing her favorite color purple from head to toe

Soft sing song voice.

Pretending to be a cat and meowing like a kitten. Asking if you can order a kitten on Amazon.

Drawing almost daily and sending the family I LOVE YOU notes

Building a different magna tile tower everyday.

Seagull obsessed

Drawing with her sisters

Exploring with her big sisters

Complaints of “We didn’t go to the park YET Mommy!”

Wearing mittens during all seasons.

She will call freckles ‘prinkles’ and fluffy ‘fluffely’ and you wont’ correct her. She will call a peacock a cawpeek and will fix it after a day. Your heart and mouth will miss the smile you hid when she called it cawpeek.

“I’m going to wear my smiley face mask today so my friends know I’m smiling.”

This is 4.

(4 and a half to be correct!)

(and an old post about Z being two years old below!)

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