This is Childhood: Two

So I stumbled upon this Huffington article and loved the idea.

Z will be 3 in June- time flies! This is what I may or may not miss of her being two.

Twos are a whirlwind. They leave a trail wherever they go. Crumbs, doll clothes, uncapped markers. Definition of impulsive. To say goodbye or hello to someone is an event. I love the way Z greets people excitedly. The way she meets my mother and greets her excitedly from finger tips to toes, standing on tip toe, fingers dancing, to greet her and other family members when she is excited.

The way we wash hands and then she redips her hands into the soapy suds that collect in the sink. The way she greets animals in Urdu and then English when she doesn’t get a response. “Assalamalaikum Billy!” Quickly becomes “Hi Cat!” to Urdu again “Billy Aap kya karahein?” Meaning “cat what are you doing?”

The way she speeds off in her world independently without looking back


Then needs helps and forcefully asks.


The way they scurry through the day at top speed wanting to do everything at once, barely stopping and when they do, it’s just for a quick pause


And then off they go again.


For twos whispers seem impossible, especially when asked to be quiet. Grocery store trips become adventures or ordeals where ‘HIIIII!’ is loudly chirped to everyone they see. And when a response isn’t given the greeting is spoken, higher, eyes brighten, with an unfaltering smile.
Emotions are high high high to low low low in seconds. Flying tears can swiftly become mischievous chuckles.

Whining. “That’s Mine!” Repeat Episodes of Sim Sim Hamara aka Urdu Sesame Street. The same episode over and over. The same books over and over.

Sticky fingers. Singing and babbling to oneself. Journey to Independence with pants wanted to be worn ‘Khud Se’ or by myself. And when helped, will remove aforementioned pants and do it over. Naps fought with valid 2 year old reasoning – ‘Mai nai theek se soy!’ – ‘I slept well!’

Smothering hugs given to squirmy baby sisters. Backpacks taken everywhere we go stuffed with dolls, their clothes, miniature milk bottles, and more. Pleas to bring along her doll’s car seat. Cracker crumbed car seats, rice-turned-crisp-adorned booster seats.

Quick to pout lips. Long lashed blinks, runny noses, rainbow-colored nail-polish-chipped-toes.

20130330-092120.jpgAnd so much more! Can’t believe she will be 3 in 3 months!

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