The ‘I Love’ List

I love:

  • Karachi clothing lines
  • stepping out of the Abu Dhabi airport and having my glasses fog up instantly 
  • the word tapioca
  • my children reading in rectangular pieces of sunlight on the brown sofa
  • Plants with leaves that kiss the wooden floor
  • A yellow tub of magna tiles waiting to be used 
  • clouds going to sleep
  • Pakistani crows cawing
  • any tropical breeze
  • my grandmother’s voice
  • skylights
  • the days my children get hot lunch at school
  • packages in the mail
  • the inverted question mark stretch that tiny babies do when you take them out of their car seat
  • squishy toes
  • sprinkling turmeric onto Maggie Ramen noodles and letting it saturate in the spicy soup, turning the noodles from skinny to fat
  • my mother’s aloo-gosht curry with meat and potatoes
  • children greeting their great grandparents and grandparents
  • the sounds of my once baby crawling on the wooden floor with her hands slapping the ground pat, pat, pat
  • the personalities of my three brothers
  • The sound of dishes being done when it’s not me doing them
  • a warm shawl
  • bubbling laughter of my cousins
  • flyawayhair
  • when my father acts goofy with my daughters
  • seeing my name on Amazon
  • when my mother bathed my children as babies and their cheeks shone
  • lemon scented foaming kitchen soap
  • toddler reflections
  • The fleeting time of nursing and rocking my babies to sleep, forward, back, forward, back
  • hugging a warm towel from the dryer
  • seeing my children cackle and greet my husband after a long day of work
  • the chirpy sound the red cardinal makes at sunset and catching him feeding his mate
  • photoblogging
  • Lugging home a bag of fat crinkly books from the library
  • The quieter moments when the children are at school when the silence is so delicious you can slice into it
  • The sound of my 4 year old rolling a dice to play Monopoly
  • The inviting roundness of a child’s cheeks 
  • My grandmother’s weekly biryani where the aloos tasted like sugar 
  • My grandmother who slept with curlers to have curls so that if you didn’t know her you would think she had curls
  • the language of eyelashes
  • Karachi beaches
  • The sound of a smile
  • Turning in my book and the anticipation of it going to the printer 
  • The satisfaction of making a fat French braid on my daughters hair

  • A pretty windowsill
  • “The photo” with the perfect golden sunlight
  • And so much more!

And so much more!
Thank you for the inspiration writing prompt @shannon_scribbles , @ashleegadd , @sonyaspillmann , @katiemblackburn , @courtwrites 


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