Read Aloud by Nana

I love my grandmother Nana and the character Nana in my verse novel UNSETTLED is based on her. I had asked Nana to read the first few pages of UNSETTLED and loved them and asked her if we could share the audio, so here it is! Her pacing and accent and tone are lovely. The pages that she is reading is pasted below, courtesy of Amazon. I hope you will enjoy reading with Nana, and if anyone knows of a position for an audio narrator for her, please let me know! This her reading on her first try.

Do you want to hear the audio book and how it turned out? Listen to Ariana Delawari, UNSETTLED’s wonderful audio narrator, here! I have read reviews of how people loved the audiobook (thank you Ariana for bringing it to life!) and please check out her Instagram on how to help Afghanistan.

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