Alaina Photoshoot

I really enjoyed photographing mommy Tiffany and baby Alaina. The weather was pleasant and the scenery was pretty so we were able to enjoy ourselves. Tiffany had discovered this gorgeous pond spot so we headed over there and were really glad we did.

I loved seeing Tiffany and Alaina interact. The 2 really seemed to enjoy each other and were content to play amidst their beautiful surroundings. I also loved that Tiffany was a chill mom and allowed Alaina to get her hands dirty. Sometimes moms tend to overworry, oversanitize, overwipe, so it’s refreshing to see a mom who lets her kid PLAY.

My favourite Alaina photo:

She was doing this amazingly fast bunny scooting (instead of crawling) on the grassy area, and then all of a sudden plopped over. Here is her look of surprise. I love how excited she gets! (Look in the gallery for more shots of her playing and her adorable grey outfit matching with her grey eyes!)


My favourite Tiffany-Alaina photo: Tiffany is so photogenic, so this one actually doesn’t do her justice, but I love how she played with Alaina.

Here’s another one of my favourites of the 2 of them:

I told you she was a chill mom!

“Discovering an ability to love uncritically and totally has been exhilarating. It’s the sort of love that calls upon my whole being, bringing all of my potential to life.” _ Ronnie Friedland.

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