Amira-Rania Photoshoot

The weather was cooooold in the morning so we ended up having a tea party full of imagination. Slma dressed the girls in cozy, chic Gymboree knitted outfits. I love how Amira rummaged in her playroom accessories and added a sparkly belt, tiara, plush orange shoes, and gloves.

My favourite Amira photo:

I loved how this one shows her true personality.

This one I loved also as she greeted Rania after a nap by jumping right into her crib and started to bounce. Rania was thrilled. Gallery belows shows her excitement.

My Favourite Rania Photo: She climbed up onto a chair and laid her head onto the table on top of a puzzle to get a minute of rest. She took a nap soon after.

My Favourite Family Photo:

See below for more images of Amira’s tea party and some fun, natural ones of these 3 having a great time indoors!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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