Z’s Nursery – Pakistani Style

“As I picked her up and peeled off the warm damp layers, I had this strange feeling of female communion. We two girls were safe in the nursery, away from the noisy male warren.” – Dorothy Evslin

Before Z’s birth, I often got asked about the colors I was going to use for Z’s nursery. This question would be unanswered as  I had no clue what colors I was going to use. I just knew I needed to get a crib and that was that.

Z was born 3 weeks early, but luckily before that my husband and I had gone to IKEA (10 minutes from our house!) and purchased a crib. We accidentally bought white and on the spur of the moment, my husband bought baby-safe pastel pink and pastel green paint and painted the bars of the crib and chests of drawers. I also helped paint a few bars during my nesting stage, but did it in a hurry. Alas, my painting was a little patchy, so my husband repainted over what I had done. On a side note, I still have the shirt that I painted in with pink stains in the tummy area…I was a little clumsy at bending at 9 months pregnant! My husband built the crib a few days after Z was born. Yay for bassinets in the mean time!

We live in a pre-painted-town-house, so I did not want to alter the wall color of Z’s room. Rather, we just added a few plonks of pink and green here and there. However, being Pakistani, I was given all sorts of colorful gifts that were not limited to the basic pastel pink and green, so I used them anyways. I wanted to incorporate our colorful Pakistani culture in her room.

I did not really bother to decorate Z’s room all out, but a few days ago I was looking at a stylish mom’s blog and loved how they decorated their baby girl’s room, boutique style. Inspired, but not wanting to spend money, I just scrounged around the house and used some cork mats to hang up a few of Z’s outfits that I love, and voila, Z’s bedroom looks more fun already. (The flower lamp I got from IKEA a while ago!)

The cool thing is that it is v.easy to remove an outfit to wear as I just hung it over some hijab/craft pins. Z outgrows outfits v.slowly so I’m sure we’ll be still using these outfits. I also personalized the cork mats with thumb tacks and made her initials. Only drawback: I’m out of cork mats!

It was my grandmother’s idea to hang up those cool little slippers. Z likes to wear them around the house, and hear them jingle, but they’re so much fun to look at until we need them next.

On top of that I cut out and pasted some old cards and necklaces to an old whiteboard and now have a pretty piece to look at. Below the lone pink shoe in the corner is alone because its pair is lost somewhere in Charleston, West Virginia on Eid (Muslim Celebration).

I also stuck an airplane photo that my father gave Z, as she LOVES airplanes, aka ‘hava-i-jahaz’ in Urdu.

I also took some clothes out of Z’s closet and hung them on a random slide out ledge on an office table in Z’s room. Now we can see her clothes and make some more space in the closet. The first day she wanted to pull the clothes, but today she’s over it…I think.

The Chinese Silk outfit in the middle is given from my best friend who visited China – check out her blog about her experiences! I’ll do a photoshoot of Z in the outfit soon…

So the reason Z has THREE toothbrushes is because we keep losing the others, buying a new one, and then we find the older brushes in random corners of her room turned face down on the carpet. I found the other 2 when cleaning her room!

Actually, I found this one turned sideways!

My Neck Candy!

No one ever knows what to expect the first year!

I clip Z’s hair clips into two old tissue boxes. Tissues boxes come in such pretty colors so saved these pink and green ones.

My grandmother’s Nana’s Calligraphy: The prayer you make when you wake up (Praise is to God Who gives us life after He has caused us to die and to Him is the return..) The frame is one that my student gave me.

Another student and his mom made me a bouquet of flower pens, by taping over the pens and adding artificial flowers to the top…Best Teacher Gift Ever!

There are so many little things that I am enjoying extra in this room lately. Enjoy the gallery below…

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  1. Beautiful colourful creative post! Enjoyed it. Well, maybe in the U.S you can keep things dust free. But I can just imagine what would happen to all those things here in Pakistan. Aka visiting lizards, dust, maybe a couple of chilchattas ;( and goodness knows what else. Yup! safer in the cupboard i would say!

  2. Beautiful!! Visited your blog after a long time. Enjoyed watching the decor :). Just a quick suggestion…if you could change the position of the lonesome pink shoe. It seems it is covering the white paper with prayer on it.


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