Baby Andrew’s First Newborn Photoshoot

Emily just gave birth to her handsome little baby Andrew 2 weeks ago so I was excited to take his newborn photos! She mentioned that she has been bad with her phone lately so emailing/messaging works well. I know exactly how that works. Nowadays, just having a quiet conversation with someone on the phone when Z is awake is rare.

Lately Z has taken to being as noisy as she wants and really using her vocal chords. Talking to automated services on the phone is ridiculous – i.e. ‘please state why exactly are you calling’ to which I open my mouth to clarify that I’m having computer issues or whatnot, but before I can do, Z has already let out a roar/growl to which my call is then immediately much longer because then I am asked again to restate exactly why I am calling. Sigh.

Anyways, Emily and I emailed back – easily and quietly – and Andrew had his first newborn photoshoot. Both of them are doing beautifully and Andrew is a dream baby! Here are a few of my favorites!

Isn’t he handsome?


Love him in green!

This is 1 of my official faves…I love how his face has so much expression and intelligence and he’s only 2 weeks old!

Mommy-baby glow!

So Emily’s already got the hang of multitasking…phone browsing and feeding Andrew! I wish I was as effective as her…it took me time to get to this level!

Precious Interaction!


love itty bitty hands!


and itty bitty feet to go with hands!

and his boots are from Australia! Emily traveled there so Andrew has legitimate Ugg Boots!

Andrew lives just a few houses away from me so I’m hoping to catch more glimpses of him growing up and more photos – I’m excited to see him blossom – he’s already so handsome!

More photos below…

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