Dough Baby

“Is Z big enough for baking yet?”- asked my cousin to another cousin.

“Yes!” she replied.

Baking? Z?!

Z and I have done playdough before -but baking would mean sugar and flour all over the floor, and a big mess to clean up.

I used to bake with Z in a BabyBjorn carrier with her dark shock of hair that used to stick up tickling my chin. By the end, Z would end up with batter on her arms.  But as an infant, she always liked to watch the process, and she wouldn’t make a mess!

As a toddler, she enjoyed herself too and plopped miniscule balls of dough onto the baking sheet which I later combined to make one cookie. She did make a mess, but I was expecting it.

I love Sugar Cookies – I can make other desserts, but these cookies are always loyal and easy to make. One of my aunts says to have one signature dish and make it your own – I guess mine would be sugar cookies – light, doughy, sweet, crispy, warm, sugary cookies.

A floury foot!

She proceeded to dump flour out of the bowl onto the floor.

I wish I could read her mind above.

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“O you who have believed, eat from the good things which We have provided for you and be grateful to God if it is [indeed] Him that you worship”(Quran 2:172).


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