The Pom Pom Fall Collection


“After the meals were served and the dishes were done, Grandma Amy would sit quietly by the big living-room window that looked out over a rolling green pasture and work on her crocheting. She always seemed so happy and peaceful working with her yarns.” – Tom Clark.

Disclaimer: Crocheting is not only for grandmothers. And in my case, the dishes don’t have to be done, and meals served yet.

I go through crocheting spurts, so this what I worked on for the past few days. This was all 3 balls of yarn so happy with how many hats got made and there’s still some yarn left over. These are some hats I made for friends and family. I love the way the pompoms turned out and crocheting is really therapeutic and soothing for the soul!

wanted to show the hat trim detail above! Like how Z has a scratch on her nose – gives the photo character, but not sure how she got it!

More hats to come later!



  1. Really the pompoms are lovely. Any child and any mom too would love a hat for her child! Reemy please make and send with Ebrahim a four by four inch square any colour to put under my tea pot . My old one is shabby now and need a simple new one, please if you can it can be five inches or oblong or however it turns out !! Love nana

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