Amy’s Surprise

My friend Amy is a great photographer who took some maternity photos of me. I’ve seen a sneak peek of what she’s taken so far and love her creative & dreamy photography style! We knew each other in high school since physics class, but I hadn’t seen her in ten years! I’m happy social media like Facebook exists as that’s how I knew she also started her own photography business so reached out to her.

Here are some photos from her family photoshoot. You should figure out her surprise announcement when you see the images below. She has a beautiful family and it was fun to see my high school friend in a new light!

I also enjoyed taking photos for another photographer: Amy is creative and had some great ideas!

Here a few of my favorites below:

I love the Berenstain Bears!



Toddler Christian ran away, but I like how his parents are still bonding!

Brian + Amy + Christian + ? = 4! I got this shot from the top of a hill opposite them!

I love the love between her and her son Christian. He’s a handsome little toddler.

Also I have a new watermark that my husband managed to make for me! I’ve been wanting my own doodly mark for a while now so I doodled my name on a Tablet PC and voila, a watermark! I’m excited as it’s my own writing! I made it pretty big above just so you could see the detail and will apply it to my future photos from now on!

“One child would not interfere very much with our work. One child could always be put to bed in a bureau drawer. It was having two children that really changed life.” – Margaret Mead.

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  1. I love your photography, Reem. It is whimsical, and that is so appealing I have your photo of our Eid craft event as my fb page background, because it is so so up close, it brings memories. If you ever want to do child photography at Al Falah, let’s talk, because many parents there are sad we have not had an official photographer before. We could experiment, too, with some out of the box ideas for school photography, if you like.

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