Mango Fall

“Ah, to be skinny herself! To sleep on her flat stomach, walk lightly again on the balls of her feet.” – Doris Betts.

I don’t necessarily agree with the quote above because I know once baby comes, I will be pretty busy and I’m managing at the moment. I don’t sleep on my stomach anyways and I’m not going to be getting that much sleep when baby comes! I’m trying to enjoy the pregnancy perks: no car seat for little one (yet), just a big belly, no need to separately feed the baby (it gets what I eat). I wrote about it a little here sort of like driving an automatic car, I will be getting a manual car soon. Everything that is automatically taken care of for this little baby, I will be manually doing soon! It’s pretty amazing because no matter how much you ‘prepare’ for a new baby, it’s totally out of your hands and you really don’t know when your big day might be. It’s fun to think that one day I will go up in an elevator as 3 (me, husband, toddler), and come down as 4 (me, husband, toddler, newborn!). Surreal!

We’ve been enjoying the autumn though today the weather is oh-so- chilly! Thinking about autumn got me reading my old post here and here’s a favorite autumn image from last year! Z is bigger now and I didn’t crochet her hats back then!
I’m going to try to take more indoor photos ~ I realize I usually photograph Z on my deck as it’s a nice space, but it’d be nice to have some of her inside and outside, especially when the weather’s chilly like it is today.

I was inspired by this mango cardigan!

Z loves mendhi or henna! Here I asked her to show me hers! On one hand is a flower, the other an airplane & runway!

She can’t get enough leaves!

I thought mango colored yarn with hot pink yarn is such a fun combo. This was my first time crocheting with double yarn on the hook. Was like a mango hot pink braid!

so her pony tails are smushed in this photo! That’s why the hat is shaped weird!

She can now identify propellers, runways, and control towers! This is an airport mat my brother gave her. She loves it!

Love the below quote: reminds me that I have no clue of when this baby will come!

Indeed,God [alone] has knowledge of the Hour and sends down the rain and knows what is in the wombs. And no soul perceives what it will earn tomorrow, and no soul perceives in what land it will die. Indeed, God is Knowing and Acquainted. (Quran 31:34).

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