“Time is but the stream I go a-fishing in.” ~ Henry David Thoreau.

I got the email the other day, the emails I usually don’t bother to open and read, but this time it caught my eye. 32 months. Your preschooler is 32 months said the Pampers email. So that’s how old Z is. Lately people have been asking, but I simply say 2 and a half. I usually can’t remember how many months she is, so this email laid it out for me.

It seems like Z was a little baby, and then a toddler, and now especially after A’s birth, she seems so big.

She started out so small – she’s v.petite, and still is, but somehow she’s so grown up now. With A’s birth was not only welcoming a newborn girl, but me welcoming a toddler become a little girl. Remembering these images makes me amazed that I have witnessed growth!

161 160 164

 l love the way baby limbs look in sleep. Lately, she’s been resisting naps!

170It seems like forever ago since she was a crawler.

692 691Or took wobbly first steps! In this photo she had just learned to walk and was with my mother at Target.

I was telling my cousin a story about Z the other day and she said to write it down, so I figured I could write some 32 month stats/anecdotes if you will that Z will hopefully enjoying reading when she’s older.

I am still surprised that Z speaks Urdu and hope that she continues . My Urdu is so basic, but it’s nice to see her babbling away.

i.e. when I gave her a fresh grilled cheese sandwich the other day:

“Sandwich gunda aur purana hai. Chiryai ko daido!” meaning “This sandwich is dirty and old. Give it to the birds!”

or when I wear pajamas – “mummy, aap kai kaprai zuberdas hai!” meaning “Mummy your clothes are wonderful!”

or complimenting random stuff, “Mummy aap kai pao bohut pyari hein!” meaning “Mummy your feet are very lovely!”

What I also like is that she’s comparing things so this could mean, she might hold a doll and say “Yai guriya A kee tarah hai.” meaning “this doll is like baby A.”

Lately, she loves loves loves her dolls. She is always playing with them, comforting them, burping them, rocking them, hugging them, occasionally getting mad and throwing them, but for the most part, good with them!


She loves stickers and shapes. If I draw a heart on her hand for something good that she’s done, she gets very excited. In the photo above, she’s earned 2 hearts on the back of her hands.IMG_1972

She loves the doll above – it came in a box that had the doll’s name, Maggie. Maggie goes lots of places with us!


IMG_2084She loves her tea set and often serves chai, saying “Chai bohut garam hai!” meaning “The tea is very hot!”


She also loves egg and cheese crepes!

IMG_2064She is really into coloring lately and is always making people (ie family members) scribbly cards. She sadly does not cap her markers – I keep trying to teach her to, but she is always on the go and I find dried out markers and marker caps all over the place!

Thanks to my cousin Amena for suggesting I write these memories down. I could have used this time to put away a pile of laundry, but years down the road I’ll hopefully remember this 32 month stage through this post: laundry-be-gone!  (Also, the only way I am able to write at the moment is that both A-Z actually fell asleep.) What I love about my cousins is that my aunt wrote all sorts of stories down for them, and to this day, they remember stories all about themselves even as little children.

More later!


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