Camera FAQ’s

I’ve been getting a few questions about what camera I use from a few people and for tips so thought I’d share!

What camera do you use?

I use a Canon Rebel t3i. I didn’t always though and used to use a regular point-and-shoot camera. Once Z started walking, I upgraded to the Canon Rebel t3i and started taking photos professionally. I love Canon, partly because my father did too, so was raised on Canon! Before I made my big purchase I remember asking a great photographer about cameras and whether I should buy one. He recommended me buying one, but also said, “Not everyone is cut out for a dslr camera” and I now know why after having my camera for the couple of years that I have had it. There are some pros-and-cons to having a SLR camera (aka huge bulky manual camera!)

Pros of a dSLR camera:

Action: these cameras are great for capturing motion, and things in action. Hence, why I love this camera for toddler photography such as Z. If you like landscapes or take things of people not moving, then you might not need a dSLR. For example, I was able to take some good photos with a simple point-and-shoot camera of Z for quite some time like the one below.

Once she started to move like crazy, a lot of my photos came out blurry, hence when I made the big jump to the camera that I have today. I love the way the dSLR camera captures exact motion like the photo below.

Vibrance: I love the way a fancy camera can capture photos vibrantly.

Cons of a dSLR camera:

$$$$: The camera is bulky and pricey. I especially feel it now with Z and baby A.  Just putting them into the car with all their stuff is a feat for me, so lugging along with my camera isn’t done as much lately. I will start taking it with me more places soon.

Where did I go?: The amount of photos I had of Z & I decreased greatly once I made my purchase of my canon rebel t3i simply because I found it difficult to hold out my camera and take self-portraits of us. If you have a camera-crazy spouse/friend then you should be ok. If not, then heads-up. My iPhone is helping solve this remedy.

The Sand Dilemma: Also, when I traveled to the Bahamas I was so paranoid of my lens getting sand stuck in it, I wished I had my simpler point-and-shoot camera with me. So it’s hard to travel with, especially to the beach!

What lens do you use?

I used to use a Canon 18-55 standard lens to start off, but now I use a Canon 1.8 lens with a fixed 50 mm lens. It has a great crisp feel and I love the way I can use it to focus on objects and smooth out others in the background. Plus it tends to capture light well. Great lighting is essential!

What do you use to edit photos?

I used to use Picasa when I started out; it’s free and v.easy to use. Now I use Lightroom 4: trickier to use, but has some great features, and great ways to edit professionally.


Are there any online tutorials and articles that you like?

Yes Cole’s Classroom offers great tips and Lightroom presets here.

Amy & Jo used to be teachers like me and are inspirational at what they do!



Practice with your fancy camera; I hate reading the manual so practicing helps me.

Don’t force it ~ when I don’t feel like taking photos I don’t.  Before a photoshoot, I take a day’s break usually the day before from my camera. It re-energizes me.

Play with different angles. Don’t be afraid to take photos from up high

or from down low…

or from playful angles:

Just have fun and you’ll go far!


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