Remembering Bluest Skies

“Out of the bluest skies, lightning strikes.” – Chitra Divakaruni

Love the above quote because it feels so true.

I’ve been taking more photos of clients which means less clients of my daughters. It seems weird to type my daughters. For this month of April, I have just a few photos of the two of them from my fancy camera- but it’s okay. Ill feel more photo-ey one day and will make up for it.

It’s been a tiring week in that I caught a stomach bug so was sick for a couple days. When teaching if one is sick, you can call in a substitute, rummage through some files and make up some lesson plans, hope and pray that your students behave, and then thankfully stumble back to bed to recover.

When you’re a mother and you get sick, it’s a totally different story, much trickier. Luckily I was at my mothers so that was a big help in that I was able to rest and recover. Toddlers who are normally tiring to take care off, can seem impossibly exhausting to take care off when you’re sick. Add a baby that needs nursing and you realize that you truly need rest, so am so grateful for parents. My cousin’s wife Mariam just lost her mother, uncle, and aunt in a tragic car accident, so please keep her in your prayers. For those of us who still have our mothers, it’s just a matter of time and I hope we continue to appreciate them.

I was talking to my cousin Amena today and we were reminiscing over our childhood, the memories that were so good you can almost still taste them. Of how when we were children, we couldn’t wait to be adults, and now that we’re adults, I wish I could just rewind for one day, and live just one day in which I got to sleep in until noon, wake up, and have a lazy swim in Nana’s pool with Amena and Asna, then lie on the sunkissed clay bricks to dry off. Pure bliss.

Nana’s pool

As an adult, life seems so busy – caretaking for toddler Z and baby A, so full of chores, errands, and more. I had a wonderful childhood, and just hope that Z and A get to also have such a fun childhood too.

Looking at my iPhone pics makes me think they will! Grateful for:

the power of bandaids!


friendly neighborhood cats


they come to Z when she calls them!



long lashes paired with a missing coat button


baby A’s first spring. She was mesmerized by the blossoms




Slides that one is reluctant to initally go down!


Grandmothers to pray with


Vacuumed Carpets and forlorn shoes




Face smooshes with toddler kisses!

Love when branches are weighed down by heavy blooms.

Praying for all those who are hurting, whether it’s the Boston Bombings, the Pakistan/Iran/China Earthquakes, and so many more places. It seems like the news we hear today keeps getting worse and worse. The lightning will continue to strike, to surprise us when life is going so well, so hoping and praying we have more blue skies.

“Indeed, with hardship [will be] ease.” (Quran 94:6)

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