“We’re best friends!” – Amena

“No we’re not! We’re COUSINS!” – me

My cousin Amena always tells me this story of how I used to never confirm our friendship as children, but instead allude to the fact that we were cousins. And cousins we are. At that age, I was interested in getting the facts right. Now, as I rethink that conversation, I’m happy that I kept stating we were cousins, because there’s nothing like having a cousin. Cousins Trump Friends. Cousins share your family which immediately makes you closer. You’re bound together in family. It’s an interesting relationship to have your parents be siblings, and you can’t help feeling close to a cousin.

Ahmed (my mother’s brother’s son) and Amena (my mother’s sister’s daughter)) are in town. I love the way these two effortlessly assimilate into family, the way Z looks up to them and runs into their arms, the way they always greet Z as if she’s a long lost visitor they haven’t seen in days, which in fact they may not have seen in hours.

I wanted to take Z and A to visit Ahmed when he reached town at my mother’s but we were all in our pajamas and I had a mountain of laundry to put away, but upon my mother’s urging to just COME, we did, pajamas and all, hauling a bag of clean clothes to wear once we got there. No where else can you just reach in such a I’m-still-im-my-pajamas-and-just-ate-breakfast-state. Z was delighted to see my cousins, and after she got to play, she got a makeover from my mother in that she got bathed (breakfast crumbs be gone!), her unbrushed hair became speedily washed, combed, Johnsons-shampoo-fragrant hair, and the clean clothes that I’d lugged along were pushed aside as Ahmed had brought them crisp cotton shalwar kameezes, perfect for Friday wear!IMG_3048

Baby A got a mustardy daal color, such a unique color for a baby girl. Loved it!

IMG_3079Z got crisp white cotton that she surprisingly kept clean!IMG_3084Perspective.


Hand Size Contrast!IMG_3248So I love the effortless way Ahmed melts into our lives and how helpful he is. He doesn’t seem to waste any time and will be quick to wash a grimey pot in the sink and at the same time be quick to lounge and give Z some one-on-one reading time.IMG_3255 IMG_3260

And I love the way Amena gives Baby A snuggle time and how great she is with children. She is probably 8 inches taller than me (we are always a pair to look out when together!), but is so quick to transform from mature cousin to impulsive-fun-child-that-you-want-as-your-best-friend (or should I say cousin?), I’m sure Z probably thinks of Amena as her best friend who paints with her, jumps onto her scooter with her, and can trump her doubly in loudness if needed.IMG_3263 IMG_3090-2 IMG_3120We will miss you guys!

A cousin is a ready-made friend for life. -Anonymous


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