Upstairs Cameras

This weekend we were getting over colds and trying to clock as many hours of rest as possible in – what with an upcoming family wedding, out of town family visitors coming soon, and two little ones under the age of 3 and a half, trying to keep things routine and normal before they get full of hustle and bustle, reunions with family members can be tricky.

I have a long to-do list one which involves molding stubborn frozen meat into kababs and adding the correct ratio of spices. Ironing wedding clothes, organizing and matching bangles for three  up to sparkly Pakistani outfits or shalwar kameezes. Trying to do that while one naps and the other plays, while trying to keep Z in good spirits (sick children can get so cranky), is also tricky!

At a recent family photoshoot I did, we got a few good images before Atlanta storms poured in, literally. We hurriedly scooped up two little ones and I followed the family into their house to see what other images I could get. The mother of the two decided to give her two little ones a super bubbly bath and I perched on the tub and took some fun photos of bubbles, soapy fingers, and foamy smiles! So much fun!

I sometimes can get stuck in the rut of leaving my camera downstairs and it doesn’t see upstairs much- my iPhone camera does, but the fancy one gets used up for photoshoots, or the kitchen where my huge windows are light friendly, which means images that are clear, pop, and require little or no editing.

Trying to shake things up and inspired from the recent bath tub photoshoot, I left my camera upstairs just so I can be challenged/inspired to use my camera upstairs too.

A few images below – IMG_9782 IMG_9783-3 IMG_9819-2

baby fin!

little girl jumping photography

love action photos! to get this, increase your shutter speed.


Sundays are all about rumpled unmade beds.IMG_9839


Will try more upstairs photos. I miss the natural lighting from downstairs, but it’s good to change things up!


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