Why I Read Children’s Books

The glossy pages and the rich pictures always always draw me in to the children’s book area of the library. As a teen, I would tentatively visit this area and check out children’s books. I’m sure the librarians probably thought I had a younger sibling I was checking out these books for. As a 2nd grade teacher, I felt more justified being in the children’s book section, and now as a mother, I finally feel like it’s cool again to be in this section and you are truly never too old to read a children’s book. The books I check out from this section are mostly for me, not Z. Z is just my liaison to this section, but how I love the children’s book section of libraries and bookstores. Here I find comfort and solace, and how I love the illustrations, the fresh tone of voice that children possess, and the scent that comes with a good book.

Since I read so many children’s books, I thought I would share my thoughts/review a few of my favorites.


beatriceThe above book Beatrice Spells Some Lulus and Learns to Write a Letter was in the New section of the Northside Library that I visit, and I subtly grabbed it! This picture book is a beautiful story of how Beatrice’s grandmother teaches her how to spell. My favorite line from the book is,

Dear Nanny Hannah, Some people get hazel eyes or chocolate chip brownies or orange sweaters from their grandmas. Thank you for giving me spelling.

Love sincerely,

Your Spelling Bea

My grandmothers have taught me so much – to appreciate nature, to study stones and leaves and trees and clouds, to read and speak Urdu. How nice it is to have grandmothers who teach. If you have a little one who is learning to spell, this is a great story, or if you have a class of students, this is a great read aloud story. I wish this book was there when I had taught 2nd grade. Since I really want to publish a children’s book, hopefully reviewing some of the excellent stories I come across will make me a better author.

I’m also going to start a section of my blog for Muslim book reviews as I scour the Muslim publishing market for children’s stories; it can be hard sometimes to find great Muslim stories.  Currently, I’m trying to put together a book for toddlers/preschoolers about Eid.

More later!


  1. Reem, have you ever checked out Hilmy the Hippo series. There is one story I particularly like from them, called Hilmy becomes a Hero. Not for toddlers, but definitely for grades one and two. They are published by the Islamic Foundation, UK

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