Spooktacular Food Truck Event 2

Today is a blustery coooold day so I’m glad that these weekends and last few days have been nice enough and pleasant enough outside for me to get some photos. Last year I photographed my neighbors for a Food Truck event park . It was nice to see their familiar faces again. I recognized some of their same faces just bigger and in different costumes. Here are a few from our neighborhood’s costume contest!

IMG_1523-2 IMG_1517-4 IMG_1514-2 IMG_1481-2 IMG_1470-2 IMG_1448-2 IMG_1453-2 IMG_1472-2 IMG_1477-2 IMG_1488-2 IMG_1490-4 IMG_1507-2 IMG_1534-2 IMG_1538-2 IMG_1539-2 IMG_1531IMG_1528-2 IMG_1535-2 IMG_1499-2 IMG_1464-2 IMG_1443-3 IMG_1462-2 IMG_1458-2 IMG_1457-2 IMG_1441-2

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