What Livelihood Really Is

ˈlīvlēˌho͝od/: a means of securing the necessities of life.
I remember joking with my husband when he was holding my fancy-shmancy camera and putting it in my car and saying, “Don’t drop that! It’s my livelihood!” and him rolling his eyes.

My words were silly. My camera is fine and working as is my pink laptop that pulsates with white, artificial light. Both are currently technologically healthy.

But my wrists are weaker and my fingers are tinglier and I have a case of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome said the doctor, and whatever was easier and fun (photos, writing, editing) is now stale and tiresome.

So I am currently on a technology break and have been on it for a few days, but I do miss blogging. I miss typing effortlessly and editing final touches to photos. But watching this video talk by Nouman Ali Khan puts things into perspective ~ it’s an amazing story about a paralyzed man and how thankful he is.

And livelihood comes from what God gives you and health will always, always, always trump everything else.

Sharing some images from a while ago that I edited from our snow days that consisted of a snow day zigzag haircut for baby A, a bob cut for Z, chocolate chip pancake chips stuck to non-matching socks, and more! Baby A’s first time sitting on the little chair below so she was really excited!

IMG_5136-2 IMG_5182-2 IMG_5184-2IMG_5195-2 IMG_5197-2 IMG_5198-2 IMG_5215 IMG_5220-2 IMG_5270-2 IMG_5275-2

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