Misha’s 5th Birthday

Lately, it seems like May has been a month of birthdays for my clients! I’ve taken 2 birthdays this month, and have one more birthday to photograph this weekend. What I love about Misha’s mother Amber is her handmade decor and her attention to detail. I believe all the goodies below are ones that she made, except for the cake. Enjoy a few from Misha’s birthday below!IMG_7438-2 IMG_8076-2 IMG_7416-2 IMG_7462-2 IMG_7452-2 IMG_7459-2 IMG_7443-2 IMG_7473-2 IMG_7573-2 IMG_7536-2 IMG_7530-2 IMG_7513-2 IMG_7444-2 IMG_7909-2 IMG_7906-4 IMG_7810-2 IMG_7784-2 IMG_7597-2 IMG_7581-2 IMG_7760-2 IMG_7753-2 IMG_7733-2 IMG_7727-2 IMG_7589-2 IMG_7672-2 IMG_7665-2 IMG_7664-2 IMG_7936-2

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