Mikal’s 6th Birthday

Here are some photos from Mikal’s 6th birthday. It was a nautical theme! The children really enjoyed themselves and there was a magic show and a reptile showing!  I really enjoyed the children’s expressions when they saw the magic show tricks as well as a python! Enjoy!


IMG_8150-2IMG_8152-2 IMG_8154-2 IMG_8158-2 IMG_8160-2 IMG_8165-2 IMG_8170-2 IMG_8173-2 IMG_8178-2 IMG_8226-2 IMG_8234-2 IMG_8249-2 
IMG_8283-2 IMG_8318-2 IMG_8363-2 IMG_8367-2 IMG_8390-2 IMG_8395-2 IMG_8404-2 IMG_8467-2 IMG_8494-2 IMG_8515-2 IMG_8545-2 IMG_8571-2 IMG_8577-2 IMG_8606-2 IMG_8609-2 IMG_8619-4 IMG_8651-2 IMG_8699-2
IMG_8714-2 IMG_8745-2

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