Edina, Kai, and Azra’s Photoshoot!


Remember Edina and Kai from last year here? Well this time I got the opportunity to photograph them with their newest addition, baby Azra! It was great seeing them again and as parents. We took these photos in the same location, Agnes Scott College, so it was nice to see Azra interact with her surroundings! At one point, we had to remove flower petals from her mouth, but all went smoothly!

I put some of the older photos as a collage next to the newer photos; it’s always nice to see differences and similarities! These 2 have blossomed into a beautiful, smiley family of 3 and I can’t wait for our next photoshoot!edina1-001-3 edina-2 edina3-2 IMG_9111-2 IMG_9127-2 IMG_9141-2 IMG_9180-2 IMG_9193-2 IMG_9196-3 IMG_9219-2 IMG_9231-2 IMG_9232-2 IMG_9255-2 IMG_9264-6 IMG_9304-2 IMG_9331-2 IMG_9337-2 IMG_9344-2 IMG_9349-2

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