Ilyas and Duck Giveaway!

Remember Ilyas and Duck?


Well there’s a sequel that I’m planning on getting Z & A for Eid. I totally procrastinated, but ah well!


Well Little Big Kids is hosting a giveaway for the first book, Ilyas and Duck Search for Allah. Which basically means I have a free book for one lucky reader!

My original review is here:

My summary: The story is about a curious little boy called Ilyas who searches for God’s location. Allah is simply the Arabic name for God so this book is universal for all faiths. The story is a  beautiful, heartwarming story. Z really enjoyed this story. As a parent who is often asked to read the same book over and over, I really enjoyed the illustrations that added a comical touch to the story, especially Duck’s antics. Baby A loves this story even more than Z, and is always grabbing and hugging this story when we read books. She also loves saying Ilyas’s name, and pointing to him, “Ilyaaas!”  I was looking at the upcoming story of Ilyas and Duck’s Fantastic Festival Eid-ul-Fitr on my computer and Z and A saw the cover of Ilyas and Duck standing by a cake on my screen, and Z started yelling, “Ilyas is baking!” and A started clapping her hands saying, “Ilyaaaas!” so the cool thing about this character Ilyas  is that he’s relatable. It’s refreshing to see children like a Muslim character, not just Dora!

 Eid Giveaway Rules: Do 5 out of the 8 things:

1. Like Ilyas & Duck on Facebook.

2. Like Little Big Kids on Facebook.

3. Follow Ilyas & Duck on Twitter, and send us a tweet saying salaam!

4. Share the word about Ilyas & Duck on your facebook, and tag the page!

5. Tweet about the Giveaway

6. Follow Little Big Kids on Instagram.

7. Join our newsletter at the bottom of the page here:

8. Subscribe to Ilyas & Duck on Youtube.

Once you’ve done all 5, please let me know by leaving a comment on this page. I know some of you leave comments on my Facebook page, but it’ll be easier for me to manage if we have the comments all here! Then I will plug in the entries into a site which will randomly choose a winner. You do have to be living in the US to enter this Giveaway.

Deadline for entries: Friday the 25th, and hopefully I can mail the book out Saturday to make an awesome Eid gift for your little one! Eid Mubarak!  
Disclaimer: Your book will probably arrive a couple days after Eid! Eid has 3 days, right?!



  1. Done 🙂 I don’t know how I missed your original review, I usually follow your writings. I liked their pages, and they are so cute. inshaALLAH I hope to win the book, but even if I don’t, thanks for introducing me to something that I can use with my boys. They love reading.
    Btw, congrats on the book deal. I’m looking forward to your book. 🙂

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