Women in Islam Flash Cards Review


I’m reviewing one more fun product by Share the Deen, a company that makes entertaining & educational Islamic games and products. I reviewed their prophets board game here.

Today, I’m reviewing Women in Islam flash cards!

The game has high quality cards. The cards can be used for : Q&A sessions, Guessing Games, Reading Practice, and as a resource. I thought you could use it for Jeopardy, or class projects. Another fun idea would be to shuffle the cards and place in a basket and have children randomly choose one card and then have them do a project or presentation on the person. There aren’t any rules for these cards so it’s great to see where your imagination can take you with these cards!

I believe this would be a great game for Sunday School in which students could happily playing this in a game of Jeopardy. Students usually love to compete against each other!

The cards are high quality, professionally made and the content is great. I like the variety of women they chose – some I’ve heard of often like Aasiyah, some I haven’t like Barakah (Umm Ayman.)  Being a female, I love that this card is dedicated to Women in Islam!

This is a great Eid gift for children 8+ or any person for that matter. Also, put in the promocode, Ramadan14 to save 10% off this order here.

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