Bleeding Green

“Pakistan needs one good win to get in motion,” ~ Javed Miandad.

I don’t know what it is about Pakistan cricket that makes me keep wanting to watch. It’s one thing to watch in a country where everyone watches cricket and it’s always aired. It’s another thing to watch cricket in America. To actively seek out opportunities to watch it. It’s also a chance to reflect on where you are since the world cup only occurs every 4 years.

Last world cup, I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes and left my sleeping family early in the morning to watch cricket at Georgia Tech – Pakistan vs. India. As the world slowly woke up, I was with a group of excited fans watching and celebrating cricket eating green iced cake. It’s always reassuring to see cricket fans like yourself.

This world cup, I can watch it in the wee hours in the luxury of my own home with a password and email address and an Espn account.

Pakistan lost to India already which was a crucial match emotionally. They just lost to West Indies yesterday. Pakistan fans everywhere are feeling the sting majorly by now.

Yet when I sit and watch the eager Pakistan fans on the screen, I cannot help smiling inside. Feeling a glimmer of hope. The commentator said it correctly yesterday, “One thing you have got to love about these Pakistani fans. They have hope. Until the last ball, they’re hoping.”

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And that’s so true. Pakistan is a team that has high high ups and low low downs. You never know what they’re going to do, if they’re going to let a victory slip out of their fingers, or all of a sudden crush a supposed-winning-team.

But one thing we Pakistanis are good at is hoping, and hoping we will continue to do. Until the last ball.



  1. Sooooo true Reem, I’m a Pakistan fan even though I don’t understand the game at all, they will have my duas and support no matter. Your writes are the best keep em coming. Jeevay Pakistan!

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