Pockets of Comfort

I hear the triumphant thuds approach. Jump Jumpitty Jump.

Toddler A jumps anywhere and everywhere. At first, cautious tries to get both feet up in the air were made. Unsuccessful jumps. One footed jumps. Slowly and surely one foot joined the other and now two-footed-triumphant jumps occur frequently. What was once out of her comfort zone has now before comfortable for her.

Now she will jump gleefully on the floor, on the bed, on the sofa. I should put my feet down, my hands down, everything down and say in my sternest voice No. But I remember a year ago when she needed therapy for a stubborn neck muscle, when she had to go through a series of tests to see how well she could move. And I remember her face planted on the mat squirming uncomfortably responding with a series of cries and tears.


There are things we don’t want to do, places we don’t want to go, people we don’t want to see. But we are told to break out of our comfort zones and to seize the day type things. I disagree.

I gravitate to things that ooze comfort. Dapply sunlight. A colored lead pencil. A warm thick ball of yarn. Turmeric soaked Ramen noodles.

In life we are often reluctantly thrust into comfort-less situations. Pushed out of our comfort zones into areas which make us cringe and flinch and twist our faces into worry. In those times we should seek to create pockets of comfort.

Rather than breaking out of ones comfort zone, why not just create pockets of comfort in the areas of life in which we need it? In our tough areas, why not breathe a little deeper, pray a little harder, wrap a woolen shawl a little tighter? Then maybe our awkward efforts can flourish and we too can jump.


She asks before she climbs onto the bed and sofa, can I jump mommy? The triumphant thuds often start before I answer.

Yes. Jump.


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