Kate’s Family Photosession

“The pitter patter of little feet
Leave behind something dear and sweet
A precious treasure for me to keep
The memories of your little feet.”- Anonymous


On a cloudy hazy day surrounded by storms Kate’s family lucked out in that we had a rain-free-session!

Sean recently started walking and I was excited to capture his little footsteps on camera! This was Kate’s first photosession (hopefully one of many!) This is what she said:
Hi Reem! WE ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE PHOTOS!!! I cannot tell you how happy we are with how they turned out, and we really appreciate the extra photos.
I love when a client falls in love with their photos. I also love how we got to take our time with this session and operate in Kid Time! At the beginning Sean wasn’t too keen to show off his walking (see below!)


but at the end of the session, he was here and there, everywhere! (see below!)

Those first steps of your first child are so precious – are they not?
I love Sean’s blonde dandelion fly away hair and the natural joyous smile of these doting parents (these two met in high school!)
—Enjoy! (I have limited summer openings for photos, so message me sooner than later for a session!)



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