Behind the Scenes of Quarantine Life…

I was telling a mom of a toddler to enjoy the slower days before school started because once they did, it felt like all you did was transport children to and fro school and life was less free, more homeworky and scheduley.

Then the Quarantine happened and everything changed overnight.

The quiet golden writing hour for me that took place near 10 am when the lighting struck the couch and table just so vanished.

All of a sudden, I was helping children enter what seemed like complicated digit class codes to log on to Zoom.

The first day felt like digitally traveling through different airports with an interesting itinerary as I typed in different Zoom codes, downloaded Epic, verified my account for Quizizz, and entered codes in for Think Central so they could access their textbooks online.

I marveled at the patience of teachers as they navigated the new virtual world and giving directions to squirmy 7 year olds and eager 9 year olds.

Zoom was hard on our devices and two of our older laptops conked out. One has been revived back to life but my husband’s laptop started to make foreboding ticking sounds and never made it back to life. Sometimes Zoom wouldn’t save our teacher ID numbers so I ended up making a schedule with their teacher ID’s so it wouldn’t get so hectic the minute before class. Our WiFi got slower, but our minds hopefully quicker.

It’s been an adjustment to say the least.

The first day 7 year old A went through two outfit changes to make sure she had the perfect Zoom outfit. A week later, I had to remind her to change out of her pajamas!

I had just started toddler H in a preschool program which she attended for a month and a half and actually behaved in, when she too stopped going to school. Whenever I asked if she missed school, she seemed nonchalant and I realized for her, home is a party right now. At home, her 2 full-time-school-aged-sisters are now with her all day every day. At home, H gets to climb bunk beds while 9 year old Z turns off her classroom camera, hollers for me to help, while I pluck H off the bunk beds, a climbing skill she just perfected.

Amidst all that, I’m awaiting edits for a manuscript and saw heartwarming illustrator sketches for my story I Can Help. It’s amazing to see the book coming together page spread by spread, and I can’t wait to hold the book in my hands – it’s set for 2021.

This week was our spring break, and it felt like a much needed break. We aren’t going places, are trying to savor the slower and quicker and crazier life. Slow in some places, fast in others. Dishes pile up easily as do crumbs and clutter.


Routines come and go.

Naps for H are vehemently protested when her sisters are around.

Food is cooked more. In the beginning I was trying to test out more recipes. Now, there are many cooking-resistant days.

Amidst all the craziness, I am grateful for health we have and hope the world heals asap.

More later ! Pictures below!


Find yourself a person who likes to take pictures in your home. 7 year old A does so investing in her at the moment 🙂


bed time today was hard and took way too long, but grateful for books.
Llama Llama on Netflix!
pizza and telly time
not sure why they insist sitting on the sofa the wrong way


driveway art competition – couldn’t find H’s other shoe
Driveway Art competition
my father delivering homemade food and Enid Blyton books!


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