A Lesson from Tomatoes

I’ve been tackling a middle grade novel and was googling gardening things for a book (probably all my books for bigger children will have a grandparent or gardening woven in there because I love both!) and came across this fact about tomato plants…

IMG_0478-2 (1)

Occasionally, a plant is so heavily laden with green fruits that it simply lacks the energy to support them all to ripening. Some gardeners remove the smallest tomatoes on an over-burdened plant to speed ripening.

There’s so much to learn about from gardening.

It really made me think of how many fruits do we have in our life? Are we overburdened and doing too much? Is everything green? Do we need to drop something in order for it to turn red?

IMG_6283 (2)

More food for thought later!

“Verily it is God who causes the seed-grain and the fruit-stone to split and sprout.” – (Quran 6:95)

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