3 Year Old Photosession!

I love photographing this duo and if you’ve read my blog you are familiar with these 2! I’ve photographed them since this little one was a newborn! Click to see their journey in photos here!


6 month old!
1 year old!
2 year old!

We were supposed to go a park, but the Atlanta weather turned freezing that morning, so I called this mom who was a trooper that morning and we did a spontaneous home session and I LOVE how they turned out and how I got a more intimate view of their home interactions from dancing to Alicia Keys, playing with superheroes, and going for a quick autumn walk! These 2 have infectious smiles and are friendly so it’s no wonder their home was warm and cozy and full of creative artsy touches.

This is what mom had to say: “Hi Reem! I looked at the photos and they are just amazing.  So grateful for you!!!” I’m so grateful for them as well and can’t wait for our next session! Without further ado…






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