Aaron, Betsy, Caroline, and Molly’s Fall Photos!


This fall has been busy for me,  and after my recent author trip to Buffalo, NY, I told myself I wasn’t going to take on any new clients for photography, and just stick to requests from previous clients. (I will be taking on new clients January 2020 onwards!)

However, Betsy and Aaron had a new client in store for me – their newest addition Molly!


I last took photos of Aaron, Betsy, and Caroline when Caroline just turned one – see below picture or click here to see Betsy’s last outdoor session!img_8973-2.jpg

so it was especially exciting to photograph their bigger family in their cozy home!


Betsy had wanted to make holiday cards so I was excited to get these photos to her swiftly! I love seeing little ones a year later as I get to witness their growth! Caroline is an expressive two year old who talks beautifully and has a full head of hair now!

Molly had just turned a month old and had just learned to smile at her parents and big sister. I smiled as I heard Caroline babble away coherently to her parents and realized near the end of the session that she had only just turned only two years old but was conversing like an adult!

I also got to meet their gentle dog Abby who posed perfectly for a family photo on the sofa!

hairbow time!



Here’s what Besty had to say:

Hi Reem!
We love the photos – they really turned out beautiful and I am already planning to get lots of prints to update all of our frames around the house. Thank you for capturing such a fun time in our family – we look forward to working with you again!


Can’t wait to photograph more of this beautiful family!

Happy Thanksgiving!


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