Aaron, Betsy, and Caroline’s Photoshoot!

These photos were taken right before baby Caroline turned one! Caroline is a sweet almost-walking baby. What I love about one- year-olds are how they are almost real little toddlers with real personalities. I love how they can perform for the camera whether that is from a chubby-hand-wave to a little hand pointing to something in the distance. One-year-olds are a sweet age to photograph because they still are all baby, yet emerging slowly into the child and person they are to become.

Below are ABC or Aaron, Betsy, and Caroline! The weather cooperated for us, but the grass was sopping wet and rather mushy. Pair that with a crawling baby! However, Caroline was quite content on the mat that her parents had brought her for the sitting shots. Whew!

By the end of the session, my tennis shoes were soaked as were the feet of those photographed, but when I see these photos, I don’t see soaked feet, but happy, doting and loving parents. Thank you Betsy and Aaron for allowing me to document your memories!

Here’s what Betsy had to say about the photos:

Hi Reem!
THANK YOU – I love these!!  So many cute ones to choose from, and so many that capture Caroline’s personality right now.  I’m so glad we did it!  And thank you for the extra images!!  I’m already planning to get a couple framed for Father’s Day for Aaron – he loves them too.  We’ll definitely be in touch when we’re ready for another round of family shots!

Can’t wait for our next session and Happy Birthday Caroline!IMG_8711IMG_8719IMG_8727IMG_8731IMG_8751IMG_8754IMG_8758IMG_8763IMG_8768-2IMG_8803-2IMG_8804IMG_8824IMG_8831IMG_8833IMG_8834IMG_8852IMG_8858IMG_8886-2IMG_8940-2IMG_8943IMG_8955IMG_8960IMG_8965-2IMG_8966-2IMG_8973-2IMG_8985IMG_8988IMG_8993-2IMG_9011IMG_9020


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