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Jackie’s Family Session


I love photographing repeat clients because I see to the children get so big! Last year I captured Jackie and Sam in fall and was so excited to catch up with them and make more new memories. Here is a collage from last year…

Below are from this year’s fall session!

A fun factoid about this family: Jackie and Sam met in the Target Lamp Aisle after Jackie had just moved to a new city and was looking for a lamp. Fast forward and now they have a beautiful family!



Zina’s Fall Photos


I love repeat clients because I get to see how big the babies get! Baby Jasiah below started walking at 9 months and was a joy to photograph. Below is a summer photo of him as a 1 year old with big sister Isis!13301396_1108853039178391_3224888130331161505_o (3).jpg13268517_1108850115845350_4737436437772319765_o

I couldn’t wait to do their fall photos. Here’s how big they are this fall!

When Zina saw their photos, she left me a lovely email saying, “Thank you so much!! I almost cried going through the pictures, we had fun! You captured so many loving wonderful moments! Please feel free to share any pictures you take, I can’t wait for our next session. I’m one happy mama! thanks again!”

I love watching Zina play with her children and their enthusiastic expressions. Below are a few from our fall session! I will be sharing a few more clients’ images soon!



Eid in Atlanta!


Sharing a few of my Eid photos as well as this article on Atlanta Muslim that featured the many diverse Eid celebrations in Atlanta! Was happy to see a few of mine in the article! What I love about Eid are the colorful dresses and excitement of the little ones whether it’s from getting a goody bag chock-full of candy or catching bubbles in silky Eid joras!


baby-greeting always brings spontaneous smiles!


‘Eib’ is so close to ‘Eid’!

IMG_7187 IMG_7216-2 IMG_7172 IMG_7169-2    IMG_7262IMG_7266-2


Sangeetha & Stathis


I’ve really been enjoying my January photoshoots, even though they have been quite chilly. Below is an engagement photoshoot of Sangeetha & Stathis. The weather on this day was coooold, but I’m happy Sangeetha & Stathis were troopers. Wishing this couple the best in their journey from engagement to marriage and beyond! FYI, Sangeetha is originally Indian and Stathis is Greek and they met at a Tango dancing class in college. I thought that was interesting!

We met at Marietta Square, but ended up wandering down the little quaint stores ~ the lighting was better there, and sometimes you can have a pretty location, but if the lighting isn’t cooperating, it’s better to find another spot with better lighting to get photos that pop. Here are the images below…IMG_3633-2 IMG_3612-4 IMG_3617-6 IMG_3752-2 IMG_3692-2 The one above is one of my favorite images from the photoshoot. I love the teal background thatwe stumbled upon and I like the way they are looking at each other.IMG_3686-2 IMG_3761-2 IMG_3760-2IMG_3737-2 IMG_3657-3 IMG_3654-3IMG_3644-2 IMG_3638-2 IMG_3637-2 IMG_3701-2 IMG_3717-5 IMG_3725-9 IMG_3732-2 IMG_3720-3 IMG_3718-2





“But let there be spaces in your togetherness and let the winds of the heavens dance between you. Love one another but make not a bond of love; let it rather be a moving sea between the shores of your souls.” ~ Kahlil Gibran.

What I love about this photo is that I didn’t have to tell them to strike a pose, and this is how they really were. Those photos that are taken in the real natural moment are the best ones.