Cousins and Grandparents Photos

I can’t believe summer is almost over and it’s almost back-to-school-time! I wasn’t sure if I was doing photos as it was rather busy with my books being released, but when Afshan said she wanted a repeat photosession of all the cousins with their grandparents, I said yes! I loved photographing them last year and was so excited to see them again this year, after a pandemic, and with their grandparents; photographing grandparents with their grandchildren is always special for me.

Afshan responded to the photos saying, “Love them!!!!!!! Thank you so much for all your patience and amazing work!! These will make beautiful memories.”

Below is one image from last year and you can click here to see last year’s gallery – I love seeing how much toddlers and teenagers can blossom in one year:

This year:

last year:

this year:

More of the cousins and grandparents:


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