Alexis Family Photos with Grandparents

I had just wrapped up a session with a lively group of cousins and their grandparents, and then Alexis reached out to me for a session of her daughters with their grandparents! I love photographing grandparents so was excited to do this session for her!

Since our last session, Alexis has had another beautiful baby girl, Stella, so was a pleasure to meet her and to see how big Aurora had gotten! It was a special time to be meeting the grandparents as during the pandemic, they hadn’t been able to, so was a treat for me to meet them and to capture these moments and memories.

About the gallery, Alexis said “We love them!!! Thank you so so much!! They are exactly what I was hoping to capture.” Can’t wait for more!

This was them say 3 years ago…

this is them now…

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