Photographer. Author. Doodler. Sunlight Craver. Word Swirler. Ocean waves that go on and on2. Waking up every day3. Plant tendrils that unfurl toward the sunlight4. Pencil swirls on my p

11 Things About Me:

  1. I doodle. All the time.  Doodling helps me make sense of the world around me.
  2. I used to only wear the color blue.
  3. I have a scar from a hockey stick underneath my left eye.
  4. Outside my house in Abu Dhabi used to be a coconut tree.
  5. I eat apples from the bottom creating a flower shaped pattern.
  6. I have three brothers and always thought I would have sons. Instead, I have three daughters.
  7. I used to drink milk three times a day.
  8. I would rather make play dough than cook dinner.
  9. I trust clear shampoos and don’t like it when my shampoo is opaque.
  10. I am like a plant. I crave sunlight.
  11. My favorite age as a child was being 9 years old.


Want to know more? 

When I doodle, whether it be swirls or figurines, I am transformed to a world in which my doodles live, and my thoughts become clear. Similarly, when I take a break from the world around me, and take  photos, my mind breathes. Through my art medium of Photos, Pencils, Paint, and Potting soil, I thrive. I am a doodler and writer any chance I get, a photographer on weekends, and a Stay-At-Home-Mom during the week to  school aged girls Z, A, and baby H. I am also a  teacher and have taught second grade for four years, but am taking a break to mother and explore my creative outlet via the aforementioned 4 P’s.

You may know me as the author of Lailah’s Lunchbox. I started out this blog as a Stay-At-Home-Mom, but I’ve sort of morphed into a Work-and-Play-Whenever-I-Can-At-Home-Mom lately. My book Lailah’s Lunchbox was published in May 2015 via Tilbury House Publishing.  I have 2 new books projected for 2019: Amira’s Picture Day (Holiday House, 2019) and Let Me Show You The Way (Eerdmans, 2019). 

You can find me in an Atlanta park behind my camera since I’m a children-family-lifestyle photographer at ReemFaruqi Photography or typing out stories in my favorite matching pajamas (the floral ones my grandmother made me!) at random hours. I also work with the Islamic Speakers Bureau of Atlanta as a Scheduler and Communications Director. This photoblog is my stepping stone to making my dreams a reality, my happiest dream being my children’s books getting published! Thank you for stopping by!

How to Contact me: 
If you want to send me a message, rather than commenting on the blog, please email me at Rfaruqi84@gmail.com. Or if you would like to talk to me about an author visit,  writing or photography opportunities too, please do let me know at the same email address above. I love hearing from you and replying promptly — feel free to nudge if I don’t respond!

Snail Mail:
I love receiving letters from students!  Please email me if you want to set up a snail mail correspondence! I am also available to Skype with classrooms so please do get in touch.

For words behind the image, click here! http://education.gsu.edu/lailahs-lunchbox-ramadan-story/


Professional Bio:
When Reem Faruqi taught second grade, her favorite time was “Read Aloud” time. Now, her favorite time at home is “Read Aloud” time to her  daughters. Of Pakistani origin, she moved to Peachtree City, Georgia, from Abu Dhabi, the United Arab Emirates, when she was 13 years old. Reem based her first award-winning children’s book “Lailah’s Lunchbox” on her own experiences as a young Muslim girl immigrating to the United States. She has two new books projected for 2019, “Amira’s Picture Day”(Holiday House 2021) and “Let Me Show You The Way.” (Eerdmans 2021). Reem also works as a photographer at ReemFaruqi Photography and a Scheduler for the Islamic Speakers Bureau of Atlanta. She loves to doodle, write, and take photos. Check out her photoblog at www.ReemFaruqi.com! Currently, she lives with her husband and three daughters in Atlanta.






  1. Reeemyyyyyy!!!! I love how you’re so creative Masha’Allah Masha’Allah 🙂 I miss you man- soo tired of the books at the moment- biochem is killing.

  2. Came here from searching for muslim children book. Great reviews of those books, I start ordering the first two books you reviewed….until I found out that you’ve reviewed more books and even written your own books 😀 . Will check them later.. Thanks and cheers from Australia 🙂

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