Gardens of Kindness

I am at a ‘Graduation Ceremony’ or a ‘Moving Up Ceremony’ or a ‘Pre-K Presentation,’ whatever you call it. Z is … More

the L word

I’ve always had a problem with it. I’ve always had too much of it and often gotten in trouble for … More

Fragments of Friday

Dealing with: moody weather, messy-again kitchens, occasional-nap-fighting-toddler, growing-taller-preschooler. Dealing with scattered-blocks-on-the-floor, discarded-tangerine-peels-on-the-table, half-a-dozen-milky-murky-sippy-cups-adorning-the-counter, and a camera-with-over-flowing-photos. Dealing with a clean-crumpled-ball-of-laundry-in-dryer, grimy-glass-table-finger-prints, little-girl-hairbows-and-bangles-on … More