Heavenly Blues

“And you see the earth barren, but when We send down upon it rain, it quivers and swells and grows [something] of every beautiful kind”
(Quran 22:5).

After going on a neighbourhood stroll, I felt a little flower envy. In our town house neighbourhood, all the houses look the same and we pay a fee and have standard bushes and foliage by our homes. However, with special permission, one can get approval to plant their own flowers.

I was inspired by a neighbour who had a huge bushel of gorgeous black-eyed-Susans blossoming. Flower Envy begin!

I have a standard deck and wanted to start planting ASAP so I bought some ready made flowers and painted some pots. However, I wanted to plant something on my own from seeds, from scratch if you will. I remembered some years back after moving to Peachtree City, Georgia from Abu Dhabi, the United Arab Emirates, I had wanted to plant flowers. Abu Dhabi lacked the greenery that Georgia has. Just walking around in this lush area makes me want to garden.

I remembered spontaneously planting Morning Glory(sometimes referred to as Heavenly Blue) by my mailbox. It is an annual and grew and blossomed without much care, and surprised me over the next few years by blossoming each year. In Georgia, a Morning Glory vine can sometimes turn into a perennial (how’s that for lucking out :)?)

I schlepped back to Lowe’s and bought a packet of Morning Glory seeds and waited for the magic to happen. Unfortunately, all I got was healthy, lush, green leaves. For a looooooong time.

Upon googling it, I realized that sometimes in drought, this plant blossoms well, but in rainier seasons, it’ll be more leafy. So I decided to stop hovering over my vine, watering it incessantly, and to give it space. My patience at this point was draining out, and I forgot about it.

A few weeks later, at breakfast, I looked out on the deck and saw a sultry, purply, gorgeous bloom. No missing it!

What I love about this vine is that each day it blooms differently. The blooms die daily and produce new ones by morning. I am so-not-a-morning-person and I love how this vine produces new flowers to greet me daily. By afternoon, the flowers have done its mission(I am now awake and positive) and retreat until the next morning to greet me.

I had given up on this vine, yet it surprised me. It just needed time, and space. When you hover less over flowers, or even people, they sometimes surprise you by giving you beautiful results. 


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