So Z’s latest feat is to say I..and wait for you to respond saying, “love you!” This usually goes well through the day. I enjoy responding and she loves to say the word, I, in a sing-song tone with a question inflection. I respond with a lighthearted tone as well.

Current dilemma: she has taken to saying “I..” especially when she’s in trouble, and knows it! For example, upon throwing a perfectly simmered, curried, and spiced piece of goat meat (that I took the time to cook for her), forcefully on the floor, (SPLAT!) she will look at my disapproving face and say “I…?”

At this point, I say in an icy tone of voice that makes second graders melt in a matter of seconds, “I think you need to need to STOP throwing your food on the floor.” This tone works on second graders. On a 15 month old, not so much! Z will look at me, make a clucking sound, gasp with her eyes wide open, and then smile a cheeky smile, and perhaps let out a muffled giggle.

Which made me get to thinking, do you love someone less when they disappoint you? I know when Z acts up, I get frustrated, and since she is my child, I love her no matter what, but I do get tired of some of her naughtiness.

So Z, in response to your “I…?”, Even if I don’t tell you immediately, yes, I will always love you.

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