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Regina’s Family Photoshoot


“Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart,” – Winnie the Pooh

Regina’s family session was my last fall session. Their little baby Zayna is 6 months and this was her first photoshoot. Regina said she missed out on newborn images at the hospital, so I was honored to take their baby’s first professional photos! Regina was looking for pictures of Mom and Dad interacting with baby, pictures that would show their love for Zayna. When I see these images, I can see their faces and expressions soften toward her and their smiles grow; I hope you can see it too.

Their session was cut shorter when their little one started to cry. I’ve noticed sessions of six-month-olds tend to end quickly since the babies are vocal through their cries about what they need and their moms are able to read their signs.

Zayna hadn’t given me many smiles, but when her parents started to play with her under a tree, lifting her gently into the air, she was all smiles so was glad I managed to capture those images!

Below are a few images of them enjoying autumn at Tanyard Creek Park.



Salma’s Photoshoot


A woman whose smile is open and whose expression is glad has a kind of beauty no matter what she wears. ~ Anne Roiphe

Remember Salma from her first photoshoot here and second one here? We missed her twin sister Sarah in this photoshoot, but here are some of Salma. I always have a great time photographing Salma because she is a best friend and taking photos of her and editing is effortless as she is photogenic; she glows in real life, and I like that in front of the camera, this glow can be seen!

I especially loved the Black&White ones below, and this one directly underneath is my favorite.



IMG_0793-2 IMG_0749-2 IMG_0786-2 IMG_0796-11