Waleed’s Photoshoot

The fundamental job of a toddler is to rule the universe.
Lawrence Kutner

Z has a friend, but she can’t say his name fully. ‘Waweed’ is actually Waleed, and Z likes to ask about him at the most random times.

The tricky thing about toddler friends is that they don’t become friends immediately. In the beginning , they barely notice each other, and then one day after hanging out, they suddenly stop playing next to each other, and actually with each other. I noticed this when Z and Waleed swapped car stickers and thought, “Yay, they’re actually playing with each other!”

The cool thing is they’re a month apart – Waleed on May 7th, Z on June 12th. When you have toddlers, the closer they are to each other in age, the better, as they act more alike!

And the best thing is Waleed’s mother Aisha is a low-key, chill, friendly mother that I actually like hanging out with , which means Z lucks out and gets to play with ‘Waweed.’ We have a few things in common- we both like to write, she actually is already published in Love Inshallah , and she blogs like me, used to teach like me, and was a lawyer, not like me! It’s nice to have things in similar so we’re set!

One of my favorite photos below- Waleed pushing Z on a tractor. These photos are taken in Toy Park, Decatur – the most toddler friendly park I know.

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  1. What a cool park with all the cars / trucks for the kids to ride! The transition from parallel play to playing with each other is interesting to observe.

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