Amena, Sadat, and Karim’s Spring Photoshoot

I last photographed Karim in autumn of 2011, a while ago! Karim is a joy to photograph with his mother Amena and I really enjoyed photographing their interactions together. Here is one of my favorites from that autumn in Piedmont Park.

This time around I photographed them in another park along with Karim’s father Sadat ~ I love re-photographing clients as it’s nice to see how far they’ve come.

Search results for karimHere’s a before and after picture of Karim!

IMG_2516-7Doesn’t he look like he’s on top of the world here?

IMG_2489-4I love how they sort of melted together and were at peace in this image above.

IMG_2513-9Natural family interactions are a joy to witness.

k water-001

I’m glad we had Sadat join us in this photoshoot!


Family hands!IMG_2602-2

Following in his father’s footsteps.IMG_2484

Don’t toddlers look so little in our world?IMG_2527-6

Sunkissed!karim picasa import



We had a spontaneous prop show up! A duck! I loved seeing Karim’s joy upon seeing this friendly duck.IMG_2469I hope to take more photos of this beautiful family in the future again!


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