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The Parsons Family


What happens when three siblings each have a baby in the same season? — You have a photosession of course!

My college friend Alexis (the one with the gorgeous curly hair) reached out to me about a photosession this spring as her baby Aurora was meeting her cousins for the first time! Alexis’s husband and his two siblings each had a baby and I was excited and honored to have the opportunity to capture this beautiful family below. It was so fun to reconnect with Alexis after all these years and my first question to her via email was “Does your baby have curly hair?!” Aurora does have some beautiful golden fuzz and her boy cousins Asher and Hunter were adorable as was her older cousin Avery!

I typically photograph smaller families, so it was a good opportunity for me to photograph this big family. Each baby took turns getting nursed by their mother, so after all the babies were fed, we managed to get everyone together for a family photo. The grandparents were soaking up the babies and when I spoke to Grandma, she commented how neat it was that each of her 3 children were different ages, but their babies all happened to be the same age!

I  loved getting some images and memories with the grandparents below! Too hard to choose just a few so enjoy!


IMG_5230-2IMG_5277-6 I love how Mom & Avery are mirrors as are Dad & Asher!

IMG_5292-12IMG_5563IMG_5614IMG_5662I love their little heads!

IMG_5655-2IMG_5658IMG_5665IMG_5589-2IMG_5595IMG_5469-2IMG_5468IMG_5380I love how baby Aurora is the star in this one!IMG_5341IMG_5652-4

The 3 cousins – Hunter, Aurora, and Asher! A friend pointed out how Asher and Aurora are holding hands!

IMG_5664behind the scenes! I loved how they whipped out these sunglasses for the little ones!IMG_5647

IMG_5710post photosession meltdowns!

IMG_5567I love how Hunter kept kicking his little shoes off!IMG_5568IMG_5581IMG_5319IMG_5529-2


The 3 siblings and their newest additions above!



Amena, Sadat, and Karim’s Spring Photoshoot


I last photographed Karim in autumn of 2011, a while ago! Karim is a joy to photograph with his mother Amena and I really enjoyed photographing their interactions together. Here is one of my favorites from that autumn in Piedmont Park.

This time around I photographed them in another park along with Karim’s father Sadat ~ I love re-photographing clients as it’s nice to see how far they’ve come.

Search results for karimHere’s a before and after picture of Karim!

IMG_2516-7Doesn’t he look like he’s on top of the world here?

IMG_2489-4I love how they sort of melted together and were at peace in this image above.

IMG_2513-9Natural family interactions are a joy to witness.

k water-001

I’m glad we had Sadat join us in this photoshoot!


Family hands!IMG_2602-2

Following in his father’s footsteps.IMG_2484

Don’t toddlers look so little in our world?IMG_2527-6

Sunkissed!karim picasa import



We had a spontaneous prop show up! A duck! I loved seeing Karim’s joy upon seeing this friendly duck.IMG_2469I hope to take more photos of this beautiful family in the future again!