Aariz’s 3rd Birthday

Here are some images of Aariz’s 3rd Birthday. You may remember Misha’s 4th birthday photos from some months back. Amber their mom does a great job customizing her parties and I enjoy capturing the unique details that she adds to make these parties special. Without further ado…

IMG_4214-2 IMG_3789-2 IMG_4039-2 IMG_4023-2 IMG_3784-3 IMG_3928-2 IMG_3785-5 IMG_3792-2 IMG_3999-2 IMG_3791-2 IMG_3793-2 IMG_3804-2 IMG_4000-2 IMG_3824-2 IMG_4016-2

IMG_3955-2 IMG_4034-2 IMG_4093 IMG_4133-2 IMG_4169-4 IMG_4179-3IMG_4197-2 IMG_3893IMG_3808-2 IMG_3904-2 IMG_3961 IMG_3883-2


IMG_4049-2 IMG_4270 IMG_4264-3

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