1 Realization, 5 Blogs

Today’s Realization: I am that mother, the one holding a squirmy, wailing toddler in one hand at checkout. In the library where a sign says to Please Keep Children Quiet at Checkout, as you know, it is the library, a place where quiet people like to gather to do their quiet things. Today’s library trip was nice. Z likes story time, but I’m secretly going to the library for me, to reward myself with books for taking the 2 out to the library and having to deal with waily babies at checkout, and pelting rain hitting us upon exiting. What with crossing the slippery road, holding baby A, telling Z to hold any part of me, and clutching a big red bag of our rewards aka books, I just didn’t have another extra hand to hold an umbrella. Going to the library or anywhere for that matter with 2 can be exhausting. The 2 are asleep so am trying to get all my electronic chores done!

First Electronic Task: make a sort-of-ad-collage for this month of February. I’m not a Valentine-mush-ball so wanted my photo special to be about spring, because who doesn’t love Spring?! And an Early-Bird-Spring-Photo-Special?


Second Electronic Task:
share a few of my favorite blogs, the ones that always make me feel good reading.

Photography Blogs:

1. Enjoying the Small Things  ~ beautiful, natural family photography and I love Kelle’s optimistic, upbeat tone. Plus she lives in Florida and I love experiencing the almost-year-round-summer through her photos.

2. Ashley Ann Photography–  ~ beautiful, natural family photography as well! I believe Ashley has 3 sons and 2 daughters. 1 of these daughters is adopted from China, and there’s a beautiful story behind that.

3. Katie’s Pencil Box – http://www.katiespencilbox.com/ . I love Katie’s use of natural light and all her photos have the best lighting and snippets of life!


Writing Blogs:

I love these 2 for the letters they write to their children:

1. Design for Mini-Kind : Erin writes beautiful, heartwarming letters to her daughter Bee.

2. Aisha Saeed : my friend Aisha who writes about a variety of things, but also writes letters to her 2 sons. I also enjoy this blog because our babies are born within days of each other, and I feel like I can totally relate to a lot of things she says!

Also wanted to say Thank You to all my readers and Facebook Photography Page fans. Please do ‘Like’ my page if you haven’t done so already. If you are a blog reader, please do share who you are in the comment section below. I love reading your comments, and I see my blog stats going higher & often wonder who is reading my blog?!  thanks!


~ More later!

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