The Shape of Stories


“You should write because you love the shape of stories and sentences and the creation of different words on a page. Writing comes from reading, and reading is the finest teacher of how to write.”
Annie Proulx

When I first started this blog, it was wonderful to have a place to post photos and document life.

Life has gotten naturally busier.

I photograph not only my family, but others when I get the  chance.

I write not only here, but am writing behind the scenes. I am trying to chip through a cold block of icy-writers-block with gentle taps, warm words, and determination.

Trying to get through writers block, I silence the podcasts while I attempt a sink of dishes. I’m trying to freshen my mind and silence the sounds.

Trying to get through writers block, I move my laptop near the window and admire the dancing trees which are still dressed in green. I make doodly mental lists of the benefits of a cloudy sky — there are many, by the way, the top one being how the white light slices through the window victoriously as if it were much better than golden, which it very much may be.

So if I don’t post as much on here, it’s because I’m writing in a different window, on a Microsoft Word document, in size 16 font (makes me feel like I’m making progress), and trying to get lost in characters! I am seeing the shape of a story and I have to commit time and energy to make the shape come to life.

In the meantime, a smattering of snaps below…


sight words on a slightly crumbly floor

IMG_9270kitchen mats that entice toddlers to slide down them!
IMG_9271-2photo 5 (1)

A new family for a doll house!

photo 3 (1)enjoying a sky that changes colors!photo 2 (1)enjoying fresh tomatoes with pasta!photo 1

and a golden Atlanta skyline!

Zina’s Family Fall Photoshoot


I enjoyed photographing this family of 4. Isis just turned 2 and Josiah was an adorable baby! I loved this family’s stylish clothes and we enjoyed our mini session. Managed to get these before 2 year old Isis wanted her crackers! Photoshoots with toddlers are often much quicker paced than photoshoots with a newborn baby, yet both have their own appeal!IMG_9947-2 IMG_9930-2 IMG_9925-2 IMG_9916-3 IMG_9909-2 IMG_9876-2 IMG_9870-2 IMG_9868-2 IMG_9843-4 IMG_9835-2 “A daughter is one of the most beautiful gifts this world has to give.” – Laurel AthertonIMG_9812-2 “…and she loved a little boy very, very much — even more than she loved herself.” – Shel Silverstein, “The Giving Tree”IMG_9800-2 IMG_9759-2 IMG_0044-2 IMG_0007-2

Ethan’s Newborn Photos


“A new baby is like the beginning of all things – wonder, hope, a dream of possibilities.”- Eda J. Le Shan

Below are a few photos of newborn Ethan! I loved that we got to do Ethan’s photos outside so for most of the photos he was in a peaceful state of wonder where he gazed at the sky and nature around him. He did have a couple of fussy moments, but his parents Kaili and Deric were calm and collected first-time-parents!

IMG_9739-10 IMG_9723-2 IMG_9716-2 IMG_9692-8 IMG_9645-2 IMG_9552-2 IMG_9549-2 IMG_9546-2 IMG_9540-4 my favorite family picture of them! I love how Deric is holding Ethan!IMG_9518-3
IMG_9502-2 IMG_9497-4 IMG_9495-2 IMG_9490-2

Rosy Warmth


I’ve been reading lots of chapter books lately. Classics and New books and books on book lists and books full of imagination, books that are nonfiction, books that have awarded Newberry Medals and more. When I haven’t read a good book in a while, I start to get fidgety. Books ground me and I love sitting on my table with a good book.

I would love to do chapter book reviews, but there are just so many other things capturing my time. Books that I have really enjoyed lately are Sarah Plain and Tall as well as its sequels. Did you know there were sequels? (Skylark , Caleb’s Story) I just learned they were.

The books are quick reads. I can eat a bowl of oatmeal while I finish a few chapters and am whisked to another world.

In a recent beautiful book I read, I lived on Butterfly Hilla poignant tale about an immigrant girl – I related deeply — the character writes about how her grandmother doesn’t turn on the lights from afternoon all the way until it gets dark. That way she gets to truly enjoy the sun setting outside her window.

Have you tried that? If you don’t turn on the lights until it gets truly dark, you will notice how the colors of your home will change. The walls will get a rosy warmth. The kitchen will get darker, then brighter, then dark again. The bonus if you have little children is that I feel they are ready for bed sooner because they have witnessed the sky settle in for the night.

IMG_9392 IMG_9381-2



Love the transformation of pink to blue!IMG_9366

Microwave a sweet potato for 2 minute intervals 2 times and you have a quick and nutritious snack! I didn’t edit these pictures – notice how the sky made everything pink around them…



Have they not looked at the sky above them – how We structured it and adorned it and [how] it has no rifts?

(Quran 50:6)

Swati and Akash’s Newborns


Hearts entwined
Twenty fingers, twenty toes,
two sweet babies with cheeks of rose.
Born on the same day, two gifts from above,
lives entwined, two babies to love.
~Author Unknown

Swati was gifted a newborn baby photosession gift certificate from her close friends and I was the lucky photographer! I really enjoy gift-certificate-sessions and wanted to share that I can create a customized gift certificate for a special family or friend.

I usually conduct photosessions on weekends. However, this was conducted on a weekday as both sets of grandparents were in town! I got horribly lost on the way to their house, and Rush Hour Atlanta Friday traffic didn’t help either, but upon seeing these tiny and special twin newborns made my day. Even better, 1 was a boy, 1 was a girl!

I love meeting brand new parents and grandparents. There is a special joy and raw emotion amongst babies these little and a special fragility to holding them that I hoped I captured!

Below are the new glowing — and most likely sleep-deprived!— parents Swati and Akash!


this is my favorite! I love how Krish’s mouth is puckered!IMG_9068-4IMG_9072-2

Sweet Krish and Isha! Tiny fingers!IMG_9199-2 IMG_9136-2 IMG_9125-2 IMG_9115

IMG_8986-2 IMG_8985-4 IMG_8977-2 IMG_8948-2
IMG_8931-2 IMG_8916-2 IMG_8913-2

IMG_9129-2 IMG_9225-2

Family Fall Photosessions


Autumn is coming! My favorite season is autumn because for half of my life I never experienced autumn growing up in Abu Dhabi, the United Arab Emirates. Here in Atlanta I love how the air turns faintly crisp and cool. Not terribly cold where you have to run in to grab a jacket, but the slightest bit of cool to make you think an extra layer would be nice.

Really enjoying photography lately. I’ve had a nice photo break so it is nice to be able to work on others memories and photos. I should jump back into writing, but for now capturing-other-memories are calling…

Hopefully when I ease back into writing, I’ll also be refreshed?!


love this family’s fall fashion choices in this photoshoot! Just the right amount of coordination and some fun pops of color and personality!


Baby Zara and Sibs – welcoming baby photoshoots are some of my favorites! 

If you are interested in scheduling a photosession**, please send a message to my FB photography page or you can send me an email to with the subject ‘Photo Session.’

**FYI, August and September are booked, but I have a couple of openings in October!

When The Relatives Came…

“It was the summer of the year the relatives came.
They came up from Virginia.
They left when their grapes were
nearly purple enough to pick. But not quite.
They drove all day long and into the night, and while they
traveled along they looked at the strange houses
and different mountains and they thought
about their almost purple grapes back home.
They thought about Virginia –
but they thought about us, too. Waiting for them.

This book described my weekend!

“Back to the daily grind?” my cousin asks over the phone.
I had a weekend in which another cousin got married, a weekend in which the relatives came to visit. Evenings were meant for lingering and laughter. Bedtimes were a word that seemed as if used in the past and rooms were less roomy but so much better somehow. What I love about a family wedding is how it gathers people together. How people travel from a far.
I am back to the daily grind and I am rusty. The packing of a kindergartner’s lunchbox takes me entirely too long. The putting to sleep of children on time takes me too long. The hurrying hurrying hurrying takes too long as well.
But for family we sacrifice. We come from afar to see them get married.
We come from afar to see them join another family. We come from afar to see them off, to watch them travel afar.
Last hugs are given. Hearts feel empty. Rooms are roomier but emptier again.
But with all the come-from-a-far, we are always and somehow close. We are after all family.